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Global Market Intelligence Platform (GloMIP)

GloMIP empowers CGIAR, partners, and investors in investment decision-making, boosting global genetic innovation’s impact across multiple Impact Areas.

In a world affected by several megatrends, there is an urgent need to generate and synthesize market intelligence across multiple dimensions. GloMIP supports demand-driven, inclusive, and impactful genetic innovation by generating and sharing market intelligence across five Impact Areas to inform investment prioritization, product design, and targeting. Developed through inclusive collaboration, GloMIP integrates user feedback and informs CGIAR, partners, and donors on demand, impact opportunities, and returns on investment to support strategic investment decisions.

As smallholder farmers battle climate, nutritional, and other challenges, there is an urgent need for breeding programs to ensure new varieties meet their needs. Achieving this goal relies on accessing the best market intelligence. Yet, this intelligence is often fragmented and one-dimensional.

The CGIAR Research Initiative on Market Intelligence generates and shares data at scale to increase impact across the five CGIAR Impact Areas. By  comparing market data and global megatrends (demographic, dietary, health, climate, equity, and environmental), the Initiative helps programs inform R&D and prioritize investments.

Market Intelligence developed GloMIP, a global public good for crowdsourcing, sharing, and analyzing market intelligence information to support market segmentation (targeting of beneficiaries), TPP design (technology targeting), and investor analytics (impact opportunities measured through
underdevelopment indicators, projected cost-benefits). The digital platform is freely available to donors, breeding leads, decisionmakers, researchers, NGOs, and others across 20 CGIAR crops (for all intelligence) and 25 non-CGIAR crops (for impact opportunities only).

In 2023, a transdisciplinary and inclusive team spearheaded the prototype development of GloMIP. The platform’s inclusivity was evidenced by its shortlisting as a top-three finalist among 150 nominations in the 2023 CGIAR Inclusive Team award. GloMIP also values and integrates user-centrality into its design and functionality through continuous engagement with users and stakeholders within and outside CGIAR. GloMIP is the primary public gateway within a broader Innovation Package encompassing the Breeding Portal (sharing data with GloMIP) and several complementary crop observatories.

Within GloMIP, the market segment portal currently lists more than 500 seed product market segments (SPMS) across 98 countries, covering half a billion hectares. The TPP portal displays 294 TPPs mapped to SPMS across 17 CGIAR crops.

The Impact Opportunities portal features about 200 underdevelopment indicators across five CGIAR Impact Areas, structured across three scaling levels (national, national-crop, and market segment) featuring 45 crops, spanning 171 countries, and categorized into 22 grouping levels, ranging from region to trait. GloMIP brings together Genetic Innovation Initiatives by hosting the SPMSs and TPPs co-developed by Market Intelligence with  Accelerated Breeding, and the Product Catalog being co-developed with Seed Equal.

The project has created a user-friendly online environment and has consultatively developed flexible structures catering to producer and consumer  uses. GloMIP offers query and analysis tools for SPMSs and TPPs, allowing users to compare them across qualitative and quantitative criteria. Further, we have pioneered tools to analyze crop-level underdevelopment indicators separately (single indicator), pairwise (dual indicator),  groupwise (multiple indicators), and by indexing (priority index), incorporating investor preference weights across the Impact Areas, present and future indicators, and breadth and prevalence/depth indicators. This marks a historic milestone in the analysis of CGIAR breeding pipelines for prioritization.

Despite its recent introduction in mid-2023, GloMIP’s use is already growing rapidly. At IRRI, GloMIP is used to inform breeding and resource  mobilization. At CIP, breeders actively employ GloMIP to finetune existing SPMSs and identify novel ones. Meanwhile, we introduced GloMIP to breeders at WorldVeg for their ongoing market segmentation efforts. GloMIP offers balanced crop data at the national-crop level, including harvested area, producer prices, and yields. These insights guide breeders and social scientists in crafting realistic market segments. Featuring 76 percent people-centric indicators, GloMIP plays a powerful role in connecting breeding to its humanitarian dimension in terms of beneficiaries reached (including farmers, consumers, women, men, and marginalized communities).

Key stakeholders—representatives from BMGF and the NGO Semilla Nueva—have leveraged insights from GloMIP to inform their strategic priority setting. Likewise, Accelerated Breeding leverages GloMIP evidence to optimize funding allocation across regional breeding programs. Positive  testimonials from GloMIP users are proliferating.

Looking forward to 2024, GloMIP is focused on enhancing interoperability with the Breeding Portal developed by Accelerated Breeding. This integration will enable real-time sharing of information and development of gender-intentional TPPs. Additionally, GloMIP will launch an Investor Dashboard tailored to investors’ needs, providing invaluable support in prioritizing investments and conducting analyses based on ex-ante impact indicators such as projected benefits and returns on investments of current and future breeding pipelines. In summary, GloMIP’s positive and rapid  uptake suggests a promising future for its impact on agricultural research and development.

The Impact Opportunities Portal of the Global Market Intelligence Platform (GloMIP) is a game-changer. After introducing it to the Seed Systems and Variety Improvement (SSAVI) team, the positive feedback was overwhelming. It’s an invaluable tool that’s shaping our approach and decisions moving forward.

Young Wha Lee, Senior Program Officer, Crops Research and Development, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Researchers leverage data from the Global Market Intelligence Platform (GloMIP) for informing breeding decisions. Neale Marvin Paguirigan/IRRI.


Contributing Initiatives

Accelerated Breeding; Genebanks; Seed Equal; Foresight

CGIAR Centers

AfricaRice; Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT; CIMMYT; CIP; ICARDA; IFPRI; IITA; ILRI; IRRI


Centre de coopération internationale en recherche agronomique pour le développement (CIRAD); Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture (Syngenta Foundation); The World Vegetable Center (AVRDC)