CGIAR System Annual Performance Report 2018

This is the second edition in a new series of CGIAR Annual Performance Reports which reflect the System-wide results reporting systems. The report presents evidence on progress, offers a reflection on factors that help CGIAR move from research results to achieving practical impacts on the ground, and discusses how CGIAR worked to improve its performance in 2018.

The information in the main report is supported by detailed data, available in annex tables, narrative annexes and evidence tables linked to the report which give more details and supporting evidence for common reporting indicators, collaboration across CGIAR, and other numbers presented.

All data is available in the new CGIAR Results Dashboard, which provides an overview of results achieved by the CGIAR Research Programs and Platforms. We track a number of key metrics across CGIAR to help paint a picture of our research for development achievements. 

Please find below different versions of the 2018 Performance Report, with individual sections and annexes in PDF format for download. You can also visit the online version.

Short Version
Full Report
Financial Report

Report Sections

Executive Summary
CGIAR Portfolio – Progress Reported in 2018
Integrating Gender and Equity into CGIAR Research for Development
Working Together to Improve Performance
Financial Highlights


Annex 1 – CGIAR Outcome Impact Case Reports in 2018
Annex 2 – CGIAR Innovations in 2018
Annex 3 – CGIAR Peer-Reviewed Publications in 2018
Annex 4 – External Partnerships in 2018
Annex 5 – CGIAR Contributions to International and National Policies, Legislation and Significant Investments in 2018
Annex 6 – Achievement of Planned Milestones IN 2018
Annex 7 – Internal CGIAR Collaborations Across CRPs and Platforms in 2018
Annex 8 – Status of Evaluations, Impact Assessments and Learning Exercises
IN 2018