A Global Agricultural Research Partnership


The CGIAR Fund is a multi-donor trust fund that finances CGIAR research guided by the Strategy and Results Framework.

The CGIAR Fund is administered by the World Bank, as Trustee, and governed by the Fund Council, a representative body of Fund donors and other stakeholders. The Fund Council is the decision-making body of the CGIAR Fund. It also appoints the Independent Science and Partnership Council, a panel of leading scientific experts who provide independent advice and expertise to all Fund donors. This advice is used by the Council to approve CGIAR Research Programs and allocate resources to them. Before receiving funding, CGIAR Research Programs set out their expected achievements and provide verifiable targets against which progress can be measured and monitored. By linking funding to results, the Fund gives donors better value for money and ensures that research translates into tangible benefits for the poor.

To maximize coordination and harmonization of funding, donors to CGIAR are strongly encouraged to channel their resources through the CGIAR Fund. Donors to the Fund may designate their contributions to one or more of three funding “windows”:

  • Contributions to Window 1 are the least restricted, leaving to the Fund Council how these funds are allocated to CGIAR Research Programs, used to pay system costs or otherwise applied to achieving the CGIAR mission.
  • Contributions to Window 2 are designated by Fund donors to specific CGIAR Research Programs.
  • Contributions to Window 3 are allocated by Fund donors to specific CGIAR Centers.

Legally binding performance agreements ensure the cost-effective use of resources, while CGIAR’s more than 40 years of experience and impressive accomplishments support proven returns on investment.