A comprehensive survey of the prevalence and spatial distribution of ticks infesting cattle in different agro-ecological zones of Cameroon

By Silatsa, B.A.; Simo, G.; Githaka, Naftaly W.; Mwaura, Stephen; Kamga, R.M.; Oumarou, F.; Keambou, Christian; Bishop, Richard P.; Djikeng, Appolinaire; Kuiate, J.-R.; Njiokou, F. and Pelle, Roger

Ticks and tick-borne diseases are a major impediment to livestock production worldwide. Cattle trade and transnational transhumance create risks for the spread of ticks and tick-borne diseases and threaten cattle production in the absence of an effective tick control program. Few studies have been undertaken on cattle ticks in the Central African region; therefore, the need to assess the occurrence and the spatial distribution of tick vectors with the aim of establishing a baseline for monitoring future spread of tick borne-diseases in the region is urgent.