Consultancy – Genetic Innovation Gender Strategy writer (C-22-99)

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Category: Research and Development

Location: Lima, Lima, Peru

The International Potato Center (CIP) seeks a proactive, and responsible, expert in social sciences to advice and support the GENDER Platform work in Genetic Innovation.

 The CGIAR GENDER impact platform guides and strengthens CGIAR research, ensuring its meaningful and lasting contributions to global targets for gender equality, opportunities for youth and social inclusion.  It strengthens the performance of gender and social science research in CGIAR by providing the highest standards and setting strategic directions for current and future research efforts. This guidance enables CGIAR and its partners to conduct cutting-edge gender and social science research as well as to develop and scale innovations that advance gender equality, opportunities for youth and social inclusion. 

To address these objectives, the GENDER platform seeks to develop a Gender Strategy for the Genetic Innovations Science Group.

Comprised of five initiatives, the Genetic Innovation (GI) Science Group focuses on crop varietal development and seed systems.  GI researchers steward genetic resources and address barriers to the rapid development of improved crop varieties, thereby increasing genetic gain and varietal turnover in farmers’ fields.

Crop breeding has great potential to contribute to positive development outcomes for farmers.  However, gender inequality on the farm is often associated with lower adoption rates of modern plant varieties for women producers compared with men, increasing the gender gap.  The Gender Strategy seeks to enhance alignment of breeding research to contribute to gender equality by connecting to the different initiatives in Genetic Innovation Science Group and ensuring that breeding innovations at different stages of development are defined, designed and scaled to meet the needs of specific gendered target groups of farmers, thus supporting equitable development outcomes.



  1. Develop a workplan, timeline and a draft outline to prepare the Gender Strategy for the
    Genetic Innovations Science Group.

  2. Review background and historic documents on gender research in the CGIAR and its
    connection to breeding research.

  3. Conduct meetings, workshops and interviews with teams working on gender and breeding topics in the CGIAR Genetic Innovation Initiatives, the CGIAR GENDER Impact Platform, Her+ Initiative, internal and external partners.
  4. Develop a theory of change for Genetic Innovation with an explicit impact pathway contributing to gender equality.  The ToC should include an analysis of initiative indicators and a revised version of assumptions related to gender and diversity.
  5. Prepare a first draft of the strategy to be validated with gender focal points and lead researchers
  6. Review and incorporate findings from the “Call for cases on gender and breeding” to shape the Gender Strategy and enhance
    interaction with partners

  7. Complete a second draft of the strategy based on results from the validation process
  8. Produce the final version of the Genetic Innovation Gender Strategy document
  1. Deliverable 1. (Report): Workplan, timeline and outline for the GI Gender Strategy
  2. Deliverable 2. (Report): Annex 1 to the Gender Strategy: Summary of material reviewed, meetings, interviews and workshops conducted
  3. Deliverable 3. (Report): GI-Gender Theory of Change and Impact Pathway (Section in or Annex to the Gender Strategy)
  4. Deliverable 4. (Report): First draft of the strategy to be validated with gender focal points and lead researchers.
  5. Deliverable 5. (Report): Second draft of the strategy
  6. Deliverable 6. (Report): Final Genetic Innovation Gender Strategy document.


Qualifications/special skills

  • Ph.D. in Social Science with 15+ years of professional experience.
  • Senior-level research and research management experience, using applied gender analysis in agricultural research..
  • Experienced in preparation and management of institutional gender strategies.
  • Experience designing and implementing research and development projects related to agriculture and social inclusion.
  • Experience developing and using Theories of Change for planning, monitoring and evaluation purposes
  • Editorial experience with refereed journal and communications products.
  • Strong scientific publication record in gender analysis applied to agricultural development.
  • Knowledge or experience working on breeding related topics will be valued positively.


Expected duration and conditions:

  • This is a fixed-term consultancy contract from October to December.
  • The payment is a fixed and consolidated fee.

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