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PQ: TAAT/PSU/SS/DF/2020/010


The Africa Rice Center (AfricaRice) is an association of African member states and member of the CGIAR System Organization. Its mission is to contribute to poverty alleviation and food security through partnership interventions with relevant stakeholders including small to medium scale enterprises (SMEs) and millers. Through the TAAT (Technologies for African Agricultural Transformation) Rice Compact Project among others, AfricaRice has been working with partners in the private sector to disseminate improved rice technologies and innovations such as quality seeds of improved varieties for the benefit of smallholders and entrepreneurs.

In this regard, through the TAAT Rice Compact Project, AfricaRice will like to pre-qualify seed enterprises who will be willing to work with AfricaRice to further produce foundation and certified seeds at their facilities with technical support from AfricaRice.

   II.      OBJECT

The objective of this pre-qualification is to select small to medium scale seed enterprises and millers present in countries that are interested in the development of the rice sector – and    who have adequate experience in producing quality seeds of rice and in milling, and who wish to work with AfricaRice to further produce and market foundation and certified rice seeds at their facilities with technical support from AfricaRice.

The purpose of this partnership is to  create and promote demand for quality rice seed and promote new improved rice varieties in farming communities in a sustainable way – whereby seed enterprise SMEs and millers are actively engaged in the production and marketing of quality rice seed and the promotion of new varieties in the region and beyond.


Interested SMEs are required to:

  1. Provide a completed vendor response form (Annexe1); dated, signed; stamped with the seal of company;
  2. Provide a certificate of registration in a domain similar to the activities of the requirements
  3. Show proof: pictures of facilities to produce, process and store seeds that will be produced.
  4. Show proof of experience in producing foundation seed of rice from breeder seed
  5. Indicate the area of foundation seed to be cultivated, ecology of production and type of variety of preference
  6. Demonstrate evidence of working with farming communities in the commercialization of quality seed for the benefit of smallholders and entrepreneurs
  7. Demonstrate distribution and or sales pathways of the certified seeds to be produced to enable AfricaRice to follow-up the spread and adoption of the improved varieties among smallholders and commercial farmers
  8. Demonstrate experience or willingness to engage in regional seed trade and the knowledge of the ECOWAS protocols for marketing quality rice certified seed.
  9. Demonstrate willingness to actively work with AfricaRice from production to the commercialization of the quality seeds so that not only technical support is provided to AfricaRice but also, information and data are available to AfricaRice on seed movement within and across countries, and area covered by the improved varieties.
  10. Demonstrate willingness and capability to actively engage in varietal replacement by strategically replacing of old / existing varieties that are over 10 years old with new / elite rice varieties


Eligible companies meeting the qualification criteria listed above are requested to send their Expression of interest by email to no later than Wednesday 19th May 2021 at 4:00pm Abidjan local time, by indicating clearly in the subject of the email.

The Expression of Interest may be submitted by email to  with the subject line indicating:


Seed enterprises and millers that applied before need not reapply


For more information go to:

You can also obtain information by clicking on document below: EOI_SEED_ENTERPRISES AND MILLERS_APRIL 2021


Prospective suppliers may request clarification of any article of the Pre-qualification no later than five (05) days prior to the submission date. Any request for clarification must be sent in writing via courier or through electronic means to . AfricaRice will respond in writing, transmitted by electronic means and will transmit copies of the response (including an explanation of the query but without identifying the source of inquiry) to all prospective suppliers who have provided confirmation of their intention to submit an Expression of Interest.



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