World Insights: How to feed 8 bln people -- a look at global food security in 2023 (Xinhua) 

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The task of ensuring global food security has become even more critical as the world’s population hit a new milestone of 8 billion people in 2022, reports Xinhua (China). A global crisis necessitates global cooperation. The international food market is highly vulnerable to epidemics, regional conflicts, and other factors. In recent years, many food exporting countries have implemented protectionist policies, citing concerns over food supply and rising food prices.

The International Food Policy Research Institute’s Food & Fertilizer Export Restrictions Tracker found that as of July 2022, twenty one countries had implemented food export bans and six countries had implemented export restrictions. If major food exporting countries tighten trade restrictions, international food prices will undoubtedly rise.

An early warning system for the food market should be established in order to predict which regions may face food crises and take precautions accordingly.

Republished in, People’s Daily Online (China), and Ansar News (China).

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