Why Coherence and Cohesion Matter for the CGIAR Research Portfolio

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    Independent Advisory and Evaluation Service
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Coherence and cohesion are essential qualities of any effective research portfolio. Yet the terms are often misunderstood and used interchangeably, creating confusion.[1]

At the 18th System Council (SC18) meeting, System Council (SC) members gave the Independent Science for Development Council (ISDC) a clear mandate to assess an evolved research portfolio in terms of its coherence and cohesion, highlighting the importance to differentiate between these concepts.

The responsibilities of ISDC extend beyond providing a scientific review of individual Initiative proposals. During the 2021-22 Initiative reviews, SC requested ISDC to provide recommendations on a Companion Document for the first 19 Initiatives launched, which focused on the portfolio’s external and internal coherence, interdependencies, and management of funding uncertainties.

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