When the war in Ukraine has consequences in the Global South (Le Devoir) 

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The price of DAP fertilizer in Kenya has gone from 2600 shillings per bag in 2019 to 6500 today, motivating the government to subsidize so that farmers pay 3500 writes Le Devoir (France). The aim is to reach some 5 million farmers, but only around 20 percent seem to be receiving subsidized DAP given the difficulties/costs associated with transport and distribution. Charlotte Hebebrand, Director of Communications and Public Affairs at IFPRI, and formerly with the International Fertilizer Association indicates that Africa was hit by large price spikes following the invasion of Ukraine; reduced imports given export restrictions imposed by China and Russia, as well as sanctions imposed on Russia and Belarus. Hebebrand explained that since African countries remain relatively small fertilizer markets, a tight market has meant that fertilizers, including those produced in Africa, have flown to large markets such as India and Brazil.

A producer of organic fertilizer (Safi Organics) in Kenya states that his company is now selling to 10,000 farmers, up from 6,000 in 2022.  He adds that the price of 2,400 shillings per bag has not increased and that organic fertilizers are less prone to trade shocks and also have the benefit of providing soil organic matter.

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Republished in MSN Canada.

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