Vietnam’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development unveils Food Systems Snapshot at COP28

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At the COP28 Climate Summit in the UAE, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) of Vietnam unveiled preliminary results of the Food System country profile methodology—a key element of the ASEAN-CGIAR Regional Program Intervention Package 8 on Food Systems Transformation for More Nutritious and Healthy Diets.

Ms. Bui My Binh, Food systems Focal Point, Senior Officer of the International Cooperation Department of MARD provided Vietnam’s current food systems snapshot, shedding light on their dynamics and challenges for rationale on why food systems approach is important in the country. Ms. Binh also discussed the Sustainable Agriculture Development Strategy, emphasizing the prioritization of food system development within the country.

Ms. Bui My Binh
Ms. Bui My Binh, MARD Vietnam

A focal point of the presentation was MARD’s discussion on Vietnam’s National Action Plan for Food Systems Transformation, featuring 16 specific targets and 36 tasks to be achieved by 2030. These encompass a broad spectrum of objectives, including cross-government agency participation, promotion of agroecology, income enhancement for producers, food safety assurance for consumers, promotion of food consumption practices,ensuring food and nutrition security, adoption of digital technology and innovation, reduction of food loss and waste, and integration of resources and incentive mechanisms.

The ASEAN-CGIAR Regional Program plays a pivotal role in supporting MARD’s pursuit of these ambitious targets. By aiding in the development of Food System Profiles and providing expertise, the program contributes to efforts on transforming Vietnam’s food systems, towards transparency, responsibility, and sustainability. This collaborative effort underscores the significance of cross-border partnerships in addressing global challenges and advancing towards a more sustainable and nutritious future.

In alignment with the National Adaptation Plan on Food Systems Transformation in Vietnam, Ricardo Hernandez, Scientist and Tuyen Huynh, Research Team Leader at the Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT shared how IP8 of the research program contributes to the overall strategy on 10 November 2023. In this sharing, MARD and relevant stakeholders recognized that the outputs of IP8 could be a strategic entry point and an initial effort in assessing the progress of food systems transformation in the country and serve as a basis for policy and investment opportunities from markets to healthy diets.

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