Understanding consumption preferences for sorghum and millets globally

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In support of the objectives of the International Year of Millets (2023), a global study, “Prioritizing Regular Intake of Sorghum and Millets (PRISM)”, is being conducted to understand the potential drivers of sorghum and millets consumption. PRISM is a collaborative effort of researchers in the Markets, Institutions and Policy team at ICRISAT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and ICAR-Indian Institute of Millets Research (IIMR) to understand the choices that drive the consumption of these nutricereals and to explore their increased inclusion in diets globally for the good of dryland farmers, human health and the environment.

The research team has been running a short survey as part of this study and respondents from 58 countries have already taken it. However, a much larger response would be needed to make a strong case and strategize consumption of these nutricereals globally, contributing to multiple sustainable development goals (SDGs). Therefore, the research team solicits participation from the readers and thanks the respondents for their time.

Take the short anonymous survey.

For more information, please contact Dr Shalander Kumar (k.shalander@cgiar.org)

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