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(Market Intelligence Bulletin, Volume 1)
Matty Demont, Bert Lenaerts, Neale Paguirigan

Are you a breeder looking for market intelligence or an investor trying to allocate funding to crops and regions based on evidence? The Global Market Intelligence Platform (GloMIP) can now be publicly accessed to provide you with relevant market intelligence to support your breeding programs or investment decisions.

GloMIP has six portals, of which three are currently fully operational: Market Segments, Impact Opportunities, and Target Product Profiles (TPPs). These portals enable you to view information on CGIAR breeding pipelines’ target beneficiaries and products and scan for impact opportunities across seed product market segments, countries and regions in the global South for 24 CGIAR and 25 non-CGIAR crops.

In the Market Segments Portal, you can explore the Seed Product Market Segment Database that includes more than 450 market segments and find market intelligence that can support the design of TPPs and alignment of breeding pipelines.

In the TTP Portal, you can query a database of about 300 TPPs designed to help breeding pipelines deliver products that meet the requirements of farmers, consumers, and processors in the market segments.

The Impact Opportunities Portal features 180 indicators across five CGIAR Impact Areas, namely Nutrition, Health and Food Security; Poverty Reduction, Livelihoods and Jobs, Gender Equality, Youth and Inclusion; Climate Adaptation and Mitigation; and Environmental Health and Biodiversity. You can analyze crops and market segments through a single indicator or through all 180 indicators at once, summarized in a single priority index. Breeders can analyze how, through the traits captured, the TPPs are attempting to address the impact challenges identified in the market segments and where the gaps are.

Investors and program managers can prioritize market segments based on all 180 indicators by indicating their investment preferences, e.g., across Impact Areas or between reaching the largest numbers or the most marginalized beneficiaries. GloMIP will soon feature a new portal, the Investor Dashboard, where you can conduct similar analyses based on ex-ante impact indicators such as projected benefits and returns on investment.

Finally, GLoMIP’s upcoming Variety Catalog will feature detailed descriptions of seed products, to include varietal traits and characteristics. This catalog will be compiled by Seed Equal and will help seed system actors choose and produce the varieties that serve the requirements of farmers, processors, and consumers in each market segment. Breeders will find it helpful to browse the list of existing varieties and their traits by market segments, so that they can design TPPs that help breeding pipelines deliver new seed products that respond to the requirements of farmers, processors and consumers and are competitive with existing products.

In summary, GloMIP can help breeders achieve more targeted and impactful breeding pipelines aligned with the five CGIAR Impact Areas, and support investors and managers in their investment and resource allocation decision-making.

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