Market Intelligence to present GLOMIP at ICAE 2024

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    CGIAR Initiative on Market Intelligence
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The CGIAR Initiative on Market Intelligence will be leading the discussion on technological and institutional innovations and the role of market intelligence in making agri-food food systems more sustainable at the annual International Conference of Agricultural Economists to be held at New Delhi, India on 2-7 August.

Chaired by Market Intelligence Lead Matty Demont and featuring some of the most esteemed agricultural economics experts globally, a headlining symposium in the event is dedicated to presenting key findings on how to enhance the impact and equity of genetic innovation programs in the Global South. One of the session highlights include the introduction of the Global Market Intelligence Platform (GloMIP), an innovative platform designed for crowd-sourcing, analyzing, and sharing market intelligence on agriculture.

Now on its 32nd year, the flagship conference by the International Association of Agricultural Economists (IAAE) convenes thousands of agricultural economists around the world to jointly carve solutions towards sustainable agri-food systems. For more details, please visit the event website at

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