Insights from Bangladesh: CGIAR's Role in Resilient Food Systems Transformation

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Dr. Krishna Belbase, Senior Evaluator and Team Leader for the System Transformation (ST) Science Group Evaluation, and Lea Corsetti, Research Analyst, recently completed a short visit to Bangladesh from 28 April – 4 May 2024, to gather first-hand information about CGIAR’s work in the country. Here are some of their first impressions.

Key Messages

  • Visit Overview: Gathered insights through meetings with 30+ experts; despite a heatwave, CIMMYT’s generous support made it a productive visit.
  • CGIAR Initiatives: Focus on biofortification, nutrition research, and diet awareness; IFPRI’s PRSSP aligns with national priorities.
  • National Alignment: Stakeholders want CGIAR to be more responsive to Bangladesh’s evolving needs; promising initiatives such as SHIFT and TAFSSA are still in their early stages.
  • Achievements: Recognized contributions from IRRI, IFPRI, CIMMYT, WorldFish, and CIP; SHIFT and TAFSSA show significant potential.
  • Future Opportunities: Enhance collaboration with the government and development partners to unify efforts for greater impact.

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