ILRI's Jimmy Smith on the livestock controversies holding back greater use of milk, meat and eggs to nourish the undernourished

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Jimmy Smith, director general of the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), today gave the keynote speech at a launch of a seminal report from UN Nutrition on Livestock-derived foods and sustainable health diets.

What follows is expanded draft that Smith’s prepared for the brief talk he gave today.

‘I’m pleased to participate in today’s launch of this UN Nutrition discussion paper on ‘Livestock-derived foods and sustainable health diets’. This new paper enlightens us about the importance of milk, meat and eggs and presents us with ways to resolve the controversies surrounding the livestock sector in the developed world. These controversies tend to arise from an underappreciation of the diversity of the world’s livestock sector and the many essential roles and functions that livestock continue to fulfil for people, especially those in the developing world.

l like to say that where you stand on an issue is a function of where you sit…’

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