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We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Shiv Kumar Agrawal, ICARDA’s Head of the Food Legume Research Platform (FLRP) and Regional Coordinator of the ICARDA South Asia and China Regional Program, has been presented with the Excellence Award in the field of Pulses Improvement by the Indian Society of Pulses Research and Development (ISPRD) and ICAR- Indian Institution of Pulses and Research (ICAR-IIPR).

The Excellence Award in the field of Pulses Improvement is a prestigious award dedicated to professionals in the field who have made significant contributions to pulse genetic innovation and proven remarkable impacts on pulse production. Dr. Shiv has published over 240 research papers, 21 research notes, twelve books (ed), seven technical bulletins, three training manuals and 85 scientific book chapters on pulses.

He also contributed to the development of 56 lentil varieties in different countries, including India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Iran, Georgia, Afghanistan and Syria. In addition to developing machine-harvestable and herbicide-tolerant lentil varieties, Kumar’s contribution to the development of extra short-duration varieties of mung bean, especially Virat and IPM 02-3 has been instrumental in the diversification of cereal-based systems in India.

Dr. Shiv Kumar has extensive experience working on developing short-duration, climate-smart varieties of lentils and grass peas with high iron and zinc content for the sustainable intensification of cereal-based cropping systems. His commitment to research and innovation in pulses production has been recognized, and ICARDA applauds him for this well-deserved award.

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