GloMIP and Breeding Portal: How do they interact?

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Neale Paguirigan, Matty Demont, Bert Lenaerts, James Montecillo, Ewan Richardson, Laura Knogler, Peter Coaldrake, Michael Quinn, Marianne Bänziger

The CGIAR Initiative on Market Intelligence and Initiative on Accelerated Breeding have joined forces by linking their respective online platforms, the Global Market Intelligence Platform (GloMIP) and the Breeding Portal, to strengthen decision-making in CGIAR crop breeding. The two platforms use the same data on seed product market segments (SPMSs), target product profiles (TPPs), breeding pipelines, and varietal traits for specific purposes and were designed with a strong focus on interoperability.

GloMIP and Breeding Portal

Developed by the Initiative on Market Intelligence, GloMIP is a global public online platform dedicated to analyzing, sharing, exchanging, and crowdsourcing of market intelligence for informed decision-making in crop breeding. GloMIP has three portals that present the most up-to-date set of seed product market segments (SPMSs) and target product profiles (TPPs) and provide analytics for product design, priority setting, and investment guidance within and beyond CGIAR.

The Breeding Portal, developed by the Initiative on Accelerated Breeding in partnership with Scriptoria Data Services, serves as an internal platform and management tool for crop breeding. It aids breeders in aligning breeding pipelines to SPMSs and guiding them through TPPs. It enables the strategic design and revision of TPPs by comparing and discussing trait priorities, with the aim of systematically moving to TPPs that are more impactful, feasible, and in demand. The Breeding Portal captures and transparently presents CGIAR breeding product design and investment strategies to the public through GloMIP, ensuring visibility and accessibility.

Synergy unveiled

SPMSs are developed and revised in GloMIP and automatically uploaded in the Breeding Portal. In the Breeding Portal, breeding pipelines are aligned to SPMSs, and TPPs are designed to serve the stakeholder requirements in the SPMSs. GloMIP automatically uploads the TPPs and enables corroborating whether the traits proposed in the TPPs serve the most urgent needs of the target beneficiaries in the SPMSs. By sharing information in real-time, both platforms promote collaboration, interoperability, new functionalities, and accountability and addressing the diverse needs of research teams, research leaders, partners, funders, and the wider research community. The synergy between GloMIP and the Breeding Portal is highlighted through their mutual interaction and co-evolution. Recognizing the value of shared information, both platforms host all data related to SPMSs, TPPs, and breeding pipelines, ensuring consistency and eliminating the risk of different versions of databases. This interconnection is facilitated through an application programming interface (API) key, creating a seamless bridge between the two platforms. To maintain consistency in database versions hosted on both platforms, GloMIP manages the SPMS Database, while the Breeding Portal oversees TPPs and breeding pipeline databases.

The integration of GloMIP and the Breeding Portal marks a significant achievement in CGIAR genetic innovation toward more effective digital tools for agriculture, promoting collaboration and transparency. By implementing a cohesive data management approach, these platforms aim to drive CGIAR genetic innovations to new heights. As we witness this groundbreaking synergy, the future of crop breeding appears brighter, with informed decisions and streamlined breeding pipelines laying the foundation for sustainable agricultural innovation.

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