Evaluation On the Ground: Insights from CIP and IITA Genebanks

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In a recent interview, we sat down with Sarah Humphrey and David Coombs, co-leads of the 2023 Genebank Platform Evaluation, to delve into the intricacies of their recent evaluation that included visits to two genebanks of the CGIAR Centers.

What was the purpose of the fieldwork and visits to CGIAR centers and genebanks?

David: We deliberately focused on just two centers in Nigeria and Peru. While this might seem limiting, I want to clarify that this decision was strategic. The objective was to gain a deeper understanding of these centers, conducting a more thorough analysis of their operations and impact. Our aim was not only to identify strengths and weaknesses but also to explore connections with local partners, which are essential for CGIAR’s success.

Sarah: Indeed, this was planned to be a streamlined evaluation. With about 85-90% of the genebank platform budget allocated among centers for the ongoing activities of genebanks, our main focus was on scrutinizing the platform’s coordination activities managed by the Crop Trust, emphasizing activities that added value to individual genebank efforts. Understanding how this funding supported diverse centers was crucial, and the visits allowed us to reach a broader spectrum of internal and external stakeholders. We chose genebanks with distinct characteristics, varied connections, and unique challenges.

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