Empowered Women and an Enriched Community: The Groundnut Story of Northern Nigeria

Mrs Hadja Talatu Idrissa of Bunkure, near Kano, Nigeria, is the leader of a 25-women group in groundnut production and processing. They began to get involved with the Tropical Legumes III (TL III) project four years ago with a small seed pack of 5 kg each in their community farmland. From the harvest of this crop, they planted in a bigger farm plot the following year.

From 1 hectare we harvested 25 bags of the improved variety SAMNUT 24, against 13 bags of the local variety harvested on the same plot,” says Mrs. Idrissa. After the harvest season, the group earned its first revenue from the haulms of the improved variety SAMNUT 24. “We sold the haulms of the improved variety for up to 30,000 Naira, against 12,000 Naira of the local variety,” explains Mrs. Idrissa. “The improved variety yields more haulms and is most appreciated for animal feeding for its better taste and digestibility.

In 2017, the Bunkure women’s group produced about 3.5 tons of groundnut. As grain was used primarily for family consumption, the group sold groundnut haulms and used the money to start dry season groundnut production in 2018. “We don’t sell our grain produce. We keep it and process part of it into oil and many sub-products, which we sellOut of the money made from the sale of processed products, individual members contribute 200 Naira each on a weekly basis in a savings box. The weekly savings of about 5,000 Naira is kept in the group bank account.”