Delta Talks feature insights on livestock sector challenges amid climate change

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For the ninth installment of Delta Talks, the CGIAR Initiative on Asian Mega-Deltas (AMD) and Wageningen University & Research (WUR) presented a webinar on the impacts of climate change to the livestock sector in the deltas.

Ms. Charlotte Verburg, a researcher at WUR, gave an insightful presentation titled Deltas, Livestock, and Climate Change: A Wicked Problem. She talked about the common difficulties faced in livestock production within the deltas, examining the effects of climate change and its impact on livestock production, alongside ongoing and future research in this field.

To learn more about the topic, you can watch the full session:

A collaboration between AMD and WUR, Delta Talks is a webinar series focusing on the development and results of research activities on securing food systems and strengthening climate resilience in the Asian mega-deltas. Delta Talks serves as a platform for the joint exchange of research results or ongoing work between AMD and WUR.

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Delta & livestock and other experts, what hurdles do you see in tackling salinity’s effect on livestock in the deltas? Let’s brainstorm solutions together!

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