Crisis resilience ‘critical’ to stem rising hunger (SciDev.Net)

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“A shift towards permanent ‘crisis resilience’ from short-term aid is crucial to mitigate increasingly frequent shocks to the global food system and tackle rising global hunger, say food policy researchers,” writes SciDev.Net in a piece featuring IFPRI’s 2023 Global Food Policy Research.

“Crises, shocks, and volatility are no longer exceptions and may become the new normal,” says Johan Swinnen, director general of the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) and managing director of the CGIAR Systems Transformation.

“We should better predict and prepare, implement effective and accountable governance and institutions, and invest to build resilience against future crises.”

The 2023 Global Food Policy Report released last week (13 April) by IFPRI looks at evidence-based policy and governance solutions to improve early warning and rapid response systems and make food systems more resilient to shocks.

The article also quotes IFPRI’s Rob Vos, Anjani Kumar, and Hazel Malapit.

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