CGIAR hosts Listening Sessions to shape research portfolio

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The Listening Sessions are a cornerstone of our commitment to evolve how we engage with our global partners as outlined in CGIAR’s Research and Innovation Strategy. This initiative marks a strategic shift towards a more demand-responsive approach, ensuring CGIAR’s research and innovations align closely with national partners’ needs and priorities. The initiative fosters frequent, standardized, and consistent communication with national partners.

Designed as small, intimate conversations, the Listening Sessions facilitate frank and honest exchanges with government ministries and agencies to local civil society and private sector entities to facilitate continuous improvement in how CGIAR designs and delivers research and innovations.

This format allows CGIAR to implement a more demand-responsive partnering approach. Engaging a wide array of stakeholders enhances the potential for impactful research outcomes that ultimately contribute to a research portfolio that meets global, regional, and national objectives. For more details, refer to the accompanying downloadable infographic.

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