Bridging the Gap: How CGIAR's ImpactSF Analyzer Empowers Banks to Finance a Sustainable Future for Agriculture

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To respond to this challenge, the CGIAR Hub for Sustainable Finance (ImpactSF) has developed a unique AI-powered solution, the ImpactSF Analyzer, which is currently being piloted by multiple banks in Southeast Asia and Africa.

The ImpactSF Analyzer leverages science and data from the CGIAR and predictive AI to deliver location-specific insights and risk assessments, empowering financial institutions to:

Quantify potential environmental and social impacts of their investments: This enables banks to align their lending portfolios with sustainability goals and promote responsible investing.
Improve financial returns: Precise risk assessments and granular insights lead to better-informed investment decisions, potentially boosting revenue from agricultural lending.
Provide advisory services to beneficiaries: By understanding the multifaceted challenges faced by smallholder farmers, banks can offer targeted support and guidance, fostering resilience and productivity.

On the 26th of January, the CGIAR Hub for Sustainable Finance (ImpactSF) and the Asia-Pacific Rural and Agriculture Credit Association (APRACA) organized a one-day workshop in Bangkok, Thailand, to sensitize the banking sector and financial institutions from the ASEAN region on the potential of ImpactSF’s help them de-risk their lending portfolios in agriculture while simultaneously generating and reporting environmental and social (E&S) impacts from their investments in agricultural value chains.

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