Admarc stuck on maize supplies (The Times Group) 

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The Times Group (Malawi), in their investigation around the situation with maize stock and prices in the country, quotes the latest IFPRI’s Maize Market Report (IFPRI Malawi) which indicated that maize retail prices decreased by two percent in December 2022, despite market prices being higher than those in Zambia, Mozambique and South Africa.

The report indicated that 17 out of 26 Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation’s (Admarc) markets were selling the commodity during the time IFPRI monitored activities.

According to the report, on average, maize was selling at a retail price of K471 per kg in the last week of December, two percent less than the previous month.

The report noted that the decline was mainly because Admarc depots started selling maize in most of the markets at lower prices.

To learn more, read IFPRI Malawi Monthly Maize Market Report, December 2022

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