Achieving policy impact with political economy research: frameworks, applications, and lessons learned

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Danielle Resnick shares her reflections about the recent “Political economy for improved policy analysis and implementation in CGIAR” workshop, organized by PIM. 

The feasibility of achieving policy reforms relevant to agricultural productivity, food security, and rural transformation often depends on tackling political economy dynamics. Conflicting interest group pressures, norms and biases of policymakers and donors, and institutional dysfunction often undermine the implementation of evidence-based policy recommendations. While this is implicitly understood by many researchers within CGIAR, they often are unsure about how to rigorously incorporate a political economy perspective into their analysis and how to effectively navigate political economy dynamics to pursue improved policy outcomes.

Consequently, researchers from 12 CGIAR centers came together for a two-day workshop on September 11-12, 2019 to learn about existing political economy tools, share their ongoing projects, and identify opportunities and constraints to having policy impact with political economy research.




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