8-11 September 2019: DryArc initiative co-design workshop

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Rabat, Morocco, 8-11 September 2019 – Eight CGIAR* centers are participating in a co-design workshop to consolidate the key objectives of the DryArc Initiative and define its outputs and outcomes while ensuring integration with global climate and resilience needs.

The DryArc Initiative is a research partnership between eight CGIAR Research Centers that aims to strengthen the resilience of rural communities and agri-food systems across the global drylands of the Middle East and North Africa, South, Central, and West Asia as well as Sub-Saharan Africa, representing the DryArc region – see map:

DryArc Initiative map

Taking place in ICARDA’s INRA-Morocco hosted offices, the event brings together the National Agricultural Research Systems (NARS), donors, partners, and stakeholders of the DryArc to identify and explore the objectives of the DryArc Initiative, its implementation modalities and Theory of Change.

The DryArc Initiative has been designed to drive market-led innovations for sustainable agricultural intensification of the drylands, in the long-term contributing to sustained ecosystem services and reduced water scarcity, and adaptation to climate change (heat, drought, floods). The DryArc Initiative will also contribute to improving livelihoods, and build the capacity of the affected countries to meet growing food demand from expanding urban areas; creating new income and job opportunities; and reducing conflicts, instability, and involuntary displacement. DryArc follows a holistic approach, focusing on sustaining the functioning of coupled natural-human systems.


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