3 sorghum varieties released in Nigeria

Nigeria’s National Committee on Variety Naming, Registration and Release on 26 July 2018, approved the registration and release of two medium-maturing sorghum varieties, SAMSORG 47 as ZAUNA-INUWA, SAMSORG 48 as KAURA BORNU, and an early medium-maturing variety, SAMSORG 49 as CF35:5, in Nigeria.

SAMSORG 47 (ZAUNA INUWA) was developed from indigenous sorghum germplasm materials through pure-line head-to-row selection. It has desirable agronomic traits such as medium and uniform height, long and semi-compact panicles with bold testa-free yellow grain and stay green tendencies. It is suitable for the Sudan and Northern Guinea Savanah zone with a yield potential of 4.8 t/ha.