Virtual Event - Food and agricultural trade in the new policy environment: How can WTO members support economic recovery and resilience in Africa?

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Co-Organized by IFPRI, Akademiya2063, and International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)

The coronavirus outbreak has affected trade in food and farm goods, imperiling efforts to reduce hunger and malnutrition and adding to pressure already on the farm sector from climate change. The pandemic-induced postponement of the WTO’s next ministerial conference and ongoing tensions among major economies have affected both the substance and process of updating the global trade rulebook. As governments revisit priorities in this new context, they should engage with various constituencies in their region and beyond to build an inclusive public policy vision – one that can contribute to economic recovery and improve resilience to future food system shocks.

In Africa, economic integration under the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement will shape the future of food and agricultural markets. Issues including rising food demand in urban areas, smallholders’ limited market access, and the impacts of climate change will all require new thinking to ensure that trade policies and rules support improved resilience.

This seminar will be the first of a series on “Food and Agriculture Trade in the New Policy Environment.” Future events will focus on Southeast Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean.