Towards Climate Resilient Agriculture in North Africa

A knowledge sharing workshop at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, Morocco

  • Date
    14.05.24 > 15.05.24
  • Time
    09:30 am > 07:00 pm UTC+01:00
  • Location
    Ben Guerir, Morocco

Towards Climate Resilient Agriculture in North Africa will take place on May 14 and 15, 2024, at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University in Ben Guerir, Morocco.

The workshop aims to share knowledge from 13 projects funded by IDRC over seven years in Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia.

About the workshop

The general objective of the event is to share evidence-based knowledge generated from IDRC’s portfolio of supported research projects in North Africa, showcase contributions towards resilient agriculture, and enhance scaling
up at the regional level. These projects focus on building resilient agriculture systems by enhancing the resilience of farmers to climate change, improving food security, and promoting inclusive impact through participatory approaches with a gender lens.

The workshop will highlight the achievements of these projects, such as the promotion of quinoa as a strategic crop, upgrading the goat milk value chain, and developing bacteriocins as alternatives to antibiotics. It will also address challenges and opportunities for scaling up these innovations regionally, particularly focusing on the role of the private sector and South-South cooperation in advancing resilient agriculture.

CGIAR participation

Executive Managing Director of CGIAR, Ismahane Elouafi, will be participating. Check back for more details.

Header photo: Applying fertilizer to maize crops in Northern Province, Rwanda. Gracie Rosenbach/IFPRI.