The potential of digital tools to support farmers in Egypt: Lessons learned and way forward

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The potential of digital tools to transform smallholder agriculture in Egypt has attracted substantial enthusiasm in public discourse as well as in development policy and investment agendas. In the last few years, several public and private sector initiatives have been launched with the objective of building digital tools to support smallholder agriculture in Egypt. However, most of these efforts and initiatives remain scattered and fragmented and lack coordination and integration within national agricultural systems. As such, the impact of these digital tools to transform smallholder agriculture and, hence, the livelihood of smallholders remains largely understudied.

IFPRI, under the USAID-funded project, Evaluating Impact and Building Capacity (EIBC), is organizing this technical workshop with the aim to mobilize various actors’ efforts as well as support the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation (MALR) consolidate and mainstream existing digital services in Egypt that are meant to support farmers.