WorldFish: Small Fish for Nutrition Final Workshop

  • Date
  • Location
    Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Co-funded by the European Union (EU) and International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), WorldFish Cambodia will be organizing a day-long Small Fish for Nutrition Final Workshop on 3 December 2019, followed by a study tour involving researchers and private sector representatives from Ghana, India, Kenya, Malawi and Zambia. The workshop will assemble distinguished researchers and emerging voices along with key partners and beneficiaries, to present the project outputs and main findings. The discussion will also be centered on capturing lessons learned and soliciting inputs for scaling the integrated Aquaculture/Agriculture-Nutrition Linkages approach.

The Small Fish for Nutrition project – also known as the Managing Aquatic Agricultural Systems to Improve Nutrition and Livelihoods in Cambodia project – is led by Dr. Olivier Joffre, WorldFish Scientist. The project applies an integrated aquaculture and agriculture-nutrition linkages approach to support poor, rural households in wetlands systems in Cambodia to:

  1. improve the production and productivity of small indigenous species of fish in household aquaculture ponds; and
  2. to increase consumption of micronutrient-rich small fish and vegetables.

Being part of the main component of the global project which has been implemented in Myanmar, Zambia and Cambodia, the Small Fish for Nutrition project builds on the successes and lessons learnt from WorldFish project Linking Fisheries and Nutrition: promoting Innovative Fish Production Technologies in Ponds and Wetlands with Nutrient-Rich Small Fish Species in Bangladesh (2010-2013), which developed the Aquaculture/Agriculture-Nutrition Linkages approach.

To date, the Small Fish for Nutrition project has scaled up the integrated Aquaculture/Agriculture-Nutrition Linkages approach to more than 300 households in Pursat, Battambang and Siem Reap provinces in Cambodia.