Science Talk: Reaching SDGs through Climate Change Mitigation

  • Date
  • Time
    06:00 pm > 08:00 pm UTC+03:00
  • Location
    United Nations, Conference Room 2, Nairobi, Kenya

Thematic Areas: Climate Action

 In this dynamic panel, we will explore how climate change mitigation not only addresses greenhouse gas emissions but also serves as a catalyst for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The session will present and discuss insights on how mitigation actions are linked to peacebuilding, biodiversity conservation, and improving livelihoods, gender equality, and food and nutrition security for vulnerable populations. Panelists will explore tangible synergies and potential trade-offs between climate change mitigation actions and SDG targets, highlighting opportunities for integrated interventions. We expect to present recommendations for policies and practices that simultaneously address these challenges in the context of climate action.


  • Shakuntala Thilsted, Director for Nutrition, Health and Food Security Impact Area Platform, CGIAR
  • Jean Balié, Director, CGIAR Poverty Reduction Livelihoods & Jobs Impact Area Platform
  • Nicoline de Haan, Director of the CGIAR GENDER Impact Platform
  • Aditi Mukherji, Director, Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Impact Action Platform, CGIAR
  • Cargele Masso, IITA’s COMPRO-II Project Leader
  • Augusto Castro, Senior Scientist Low-Emissions Food Systems, Alliance Bioversity – CIAT
  • Diana Gutiérrez, Senior Research Associate, Alliance Bioversity – CIAT
  • Janelle Silvester, Research Fellow, Alliance Bioversity – CIAT