Science and Innovation for Food Systems Transformation: Follow up to the 2021 UN Food Systems Summit

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    09:30 am > 11:00 am UTC-05:00
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    1201 Eye Street, NW, Washington, DC, 20006, USA
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The UN Food Systems Summit held in September 2021 was first of its kind in several respects: it was the first UN summit to focus on food systems, the first food-related summit involving heads of state in the UN General Assembly, and the first such summit that was informed by an independent Scientific Group.  Food systems require ongoing attention, as evidenced by the widespread repercussions of the Ukraine crisis and the focus on food systems at COP27. A UN Food Systems Coordination Hub, established in early 2022, coordinates follow-up to the summit, including facilitation of food systems transformation pathways at the country level, and will organize the first biannual stocktaking of the summit outcomes and follow-up actions in 2023.  

Please join us as we bring together members of the UNFSS Scientific Group, the Director of the UN Food Systems Coordination Hub, and the Managing Director of the CGIAR Science Group on Systems Transformation to explore scientific findings that inform food systems transformation and point to research gaps, and examine food systems governance and the role of global institutions in shepherding food systems transformation.

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