Linking Climate Change, Gender and Nutrition: Approaches, Highlights and the Way Forward (under the GCAN Initiative)

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Addressing gender inequalities, improving resilience, and promoting nutrition are all important goals, which many organizations are asked to “mainstream” throughout their programming. But how do these interact, and how do they influence agricultural growth, poverty alleviation and resilience, especially gender and nutrition?  To address this integration challenge, the Gender, Climate Change and Nutrition Integration Initiative (GCAN) initiative works with USAID headquarters, field missions and partners to ensure that programs and interventions meet important resilience, equity and nutrition goals.

In this webinar, panelists from the International Food Policy Research Institute and USAID’s Bureau for Food Security share the approaches that the GCAN project has used integrate across these three communities, presents findings and discusses with the audience how to strengthen and scale up integration at USAID and with partners.

The webinar is hosted as part of the Gender, Climate Change and Nutrition Integration Initiative which aims to strengthen integration of climate, gender and nutrition interventions and data for more impactful development outcomes of USAID and partner interventions.