Linkages of Agriculture, Nutrition and Economic Development

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Approximately 80 percent of the population in PNG is semi-dependent on subsistence agriculture, however limited economic analysis exists to inform policy priorities aimed at sustainable growth and poverty reduction in rural areas. Renewed efforts to inform overall agricultural production and resilience in Papua New Guinea have taken place over the last several years.

This workshop presents a selection of new research aiming to inform poverty reduction strategies and identify opportunities for strengthening resilience within rural PNG. The workshop will evaluate issues such as poverty prevalence and nutrition outcomes, as well as explore off-farm business activities and their impact on overall wellbeing in rural households.

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Linkages Between Agriculture, Nutrition and Economic Development

Poverty Prevalence and Correlates of Household Expenditure

Correlates of Anthropometry Outcomes in Children under 5 Years

Macro Determinants of Mortality in Papua New Guinea

Open Discussion and Q&A

Impact, Opportunities and Constraints to Off-Farm Employment in Rural Papua New Guinea

Insights on Small Business Income Generation and Associated Dietary Improvements in Rural PNG

Aspects of the Fresh Produce Market, Skills, and Livelihoods

  • Paul Barker, Executive Director, Institute of National Affairs

Linking Food, Nutrition and the Rural Economy