Join the Set Off Event of the CGIAR Initiative on Agroecology

With guests representing a range of partners from its target countries, the CGIAR Initiative on Agroecology celebrates its set off webinar on August 30, 2022.

Food systems worldwide are falling far short of sustainability goals. Not only do these systems leave a global total of 820 million people undernourished, while also worsening social inequities and – from food production to consumption – biodiversity loss, water pollution, and natural resource depletion. Moreover, food systems account for about a third of the global greenhouse gas emissions causing climate change.

Agroecology is a transdisciplinary, participatory, and action-oriented approach for codesigning options that enhance food system resilience, equity, and sustainability. Based on a thorough understanding of the ecological, economic, and social dimensions of food systems, these options can be implemented at the farm, landscape, or food system level, contributing to more efficient resource use, reducing agriculture’s ecological footprint, strengthening its resilience, while contributing to social equity and responsibility – all necessary for achieving sustainability.

Agroecology further assigns importance to involving a range of stakeholders, especially, farmers, in the co-creation of knowledge and options that fit particular contexts. The CGIAR Initiative on Transformational Agroecology Across Food, Land and Water Systems will engage with food system actors in seven countries (Burkina Faso, India, Kenya, Lao PDR, Peru, Tunisia, and Zimbabwe) to find better ways of putting into practice agroecological principles.

The 90-minute event will be an opportunity to present the Initative and discuss how food systems actors can design, test, and adapt technological and institutional innovations for agroecological transitions, from food production to consumption.

Participating organizations and networks include:

  • The Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT
  • The Swiss Cooperation
  • The European Commission
  • The French Committee for International Agricultural Research
  • Biovision, Foundation for Ecological Development
  • Biohub Trust, Zimbabwe
  • The Government of Andhra Pradesh, India
  • The Inter-Sectoral Forum on Agroecology and Agrobiodiversity (ISFAA)
  • The Transformative Partnership Platform on Agroecology (Agroecology TPP)

Simultaneous translation (English-Spanish-French) will be available.

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