Is climate-driven migration a threat to security?

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Climate-induced migration is set to be the largest influx of moving people in history. While climate in itself is not a direct cause of violent conflict, variations and changes in climate can increase the risk of conflict by exacerbating existing political, economic, social and environmental vulnerabilities. With this in mind, an important question emerges: is climate-induced migration a threat to socio-political security? 


  • Mark Goldberg, UN Dispatch editor, and host of Global Dispatches podcast


  • Alan Nicol, Director, Strategic Program on Water, Growth and Inclusion  


  • Alan de Brauw, Senior Research Fellow at IFPR 
  • Bina Desai, Head of Programmes at Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre 
  • Maureen Achieng, Chief of Mission to Ethiopia and Representative to the African Union and UNECA at International Organization for Migration (IOM)