High-Level Meeting: Pathway to COP29

Towards a sustainable and resilient future

  • Date
    19.06.24 > 21.06.24
  • Time
    09:00 am > 10:00 pm UTC+04:00
  • Location
    Baku, Azerbaijan

The UNFCCC will host the High-Level Meeting leading to COP29 in Baku, Azerbaijan, from 19 to 21 June 2024.

The primary goal of the high-level meeting is to ensure harmonious collaboration among all parties so that COP29 in Baku can be a success.

About the meeting

Preparing for COP29 involves a multifaceted approach, addressing global challenges and opportunities in climate action. Key focus areas include understanding global climate thinking, setting clear objectives with ambitious climate goals, and ensuring inclusivity and transparency.

The agenda emphasizes climate adaptation, sustainable development, and innovative technologies. Engagement with diverse stakeholders and partnerships with international organizations are crucial.

Logistics will ensure sustainable facilities and robust digital infrastructure, and post-COP29 plans will include developing an implementation framework, monitoring progress, and maintaining ongoing dialogue.

CGIAR participation

For updates, please check back.

Location Event Title CGIAR Participation
09:30–10:30 Four Seasons Hotel Baku, Rast Room Opening Ceremony
  • Ismahane Elouafi
Four Seasons Hotel Baku, Rast Room Panel 3: Climate Change and its Links with water, biodiversity and food security
  • Ismahane Elouafi

Location Event Title CGIAR Participation
12:00–14:00 Four Seasons Hotel Baku, Rast Room Panel 5: The special case of the Food and Agriculture Sector
  • Ismahane Elouafi

Header photo: Cows grazing in a farm. CGIAR