Food for Thought: Catalyzing WorldFish’s digital transformation

  • Date

Feb 18, 2019
In WorldFish Headquarters, Malaysia

There will be a Food For Thought seminar on 18 February 2019 (Monday), from 09:00 AM to 10:00 AM (GMT +8 hours) at the Auditorium, WorldFish Headquarters. The presentation will be given by Mr. Brian King and Mr. Hans van Hooff on ‘Catalyzing WorldFish’s digital transformation’. The session will also be streamed live via Skype for Business for audiences who would like to participate remotely at the following hyperlink:

Presentation Abstract:

The world is becoming increasingly digital — data is everywhere and new technologies keep disrupting markets. Within CGIAR there already are many initiatives that embrace those new opportunities.

A team from Accenture Development Partnerships and the leader of the Big Data Platform will visit WorldFish HQ in Penang to carry out a seminar, interviews, infrastructure mapping and a workshop during the period of 18 to 22 February 2019. The three day visit by Accenture will allow them to assess the state of our digital transformation strategy and the way that it is being implemented. Two main outcomes are expected of this process:

  1. WorldFish will be presented with recommendations and inputs into a digital transformation strategy;
  2. Big Data Platform will have a more complete overview of what is going on within the CGIAR.

In the seminar Brian King will share past and upcoming activities of the Big Data Platform and how this could assist WorldFish in their digital transformation. Hans van Hooff will present the activities that are planned for the three day visit. In the last part of the seminar he will talk about digital transformation and the key enablers for a successful execution.

Speakers’ Biography:

  1. Mr. Brian King is the coordinator of the Big Data Platform and is based at CIAT.
  2. Mr. Hans van Hooff works for Accenture Development Partnerships, which is the non-profit part of Accenture. He is the Digital & Innovation Lead within Europe.

Please come along to what promises to be a stimulating and interesting talk. Hope to see you there!