Fish Talk: Nutrition Day Special with focus on COVID-19

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A Fish Talk as part of World Nutrition Day to discuss how COVID-19 has been affecting global nutrition, particularly food supply chains and production in developing countries tackling food security and malnutrition. 

Date: Thursday, 28 May 2020

Time: 15:00 (UTC+8)

Click here to watch the event recording

The Fish Talk, facilitated by WorldFish’s Value Chain and Nutrition Research Program Lead, Shakuntala H. Thilsted, explored the COVID-19 crisis unfolds a rising tension on food security and malnutrition in many countries, focussing on “What are the benefits of diverse, nutritious diets, including aquatic foods, during the COVID-19 pandemic?” and “How do we prepare for a nutrition intervention during and after the COVID-19 crisis?” 

The talk also looked at how is COVID-19 impacting global food security and nutrition, the importance of good nutrition for healthy people and to boost the immune system, African diets and fish consumption during COVID-19 and promotion in nutritious diets and food rations in response to COVID-19 in Bangladesh and why is it essential to address malnutrition in all its forms in this COVID-19 crisis and how can we contribute as a community.