EiB/Corteva Mini Symposium: Managing Genetic Information

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    12:00 am > 12:00 am
Date/time: Sept 14, 2022: 08:30-10:30 CST / 13:30-15:30 GMT / 16:30-18:30 EAT

For:CGIAR/ NARES breeding program staff, breeding informatics network (BrIN) members, and breeding operations specialists (BOND), genotyping service providers


Collaborating with Corteva, EiB and the Accelerated Breeding and Breeding Resources Initiatives are organizing a mini symposium to showcase and discuss best practices managing genotyping workflows and data analytics. Corteva colleagues will present the best practices and workflows in producing genotyping data, managing, analyzing, and visualizing them, and applying genotyping data in advancement, selection, and decision support. EiB will share the best practices and challenges in managing genotyping workflow and data at CG. Participations are invited to participate in panel and themed breakout discussions with panelists at the second half of the meeting.

See: https://excellenceinbreeding.org/event/eibcorteva-mini-symposium-managing-genetic-information