Crops to End Hunger Case Studies in Africa and Beyond: Supporting CGIAR Partners through Genotyping Services

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    04.08.23 > 31.01.24
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    05:00 pm > 06:00 pm UTC+03:00
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DateAugust 14, 2023 to May 31, 2024

This seminar series presents an in-depth overview of Crops to End Hunger breeding modernization projects and its significant role in supporting all CGIAR partners through genotyping services from 2021 to 2023. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the projects that our partners are currently working on, how the allocated funds were utilized, and future plans and possibilities.

Join us in this informative and enriching series to gain insights into the impactful projects undertaken by our CGIAR partners, understand the efficient utilization of resources, discuss lessons learned, and explore the path ahead for further advancements. Together, we can create a brighter future and make a significant difference in global agriculture and food security.

  • To join: Check your inbox for an invitation, or join the Zoom meeting links in the table below
  • Presenter/s: Various CGIAR partners, genotyping experts, leaders
  • Target audiences: CGIAR/NARES crop breeding staff and experts and other interested parties
  • Date/time/duration: Weekly or biweekly at 5pm (Nairobi Time). Approx 45 minutes per session


The webinar will help participants understand or be able to do the following:

  • Provide an overview of CtEH projects and how they support or impact particular crops
  • Understand how technologies such as genotyping are being employed in crop breeding, and supporting breeding decisions, particularly in Africa
  • Increase engagement within CGIAR partnerships and improve understanding on how CGIAR genotyping services can contribute
  • Foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing, within a platform that explores innovative strategies and best practices in achieving our common goal of ending hunger

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Schedule: (Details may change. Please check back for adjustments.)


# Timing Date Title Presenters & Speakers Crop(s) Institute Country
9 1st Week of February 2024 1st Seminar 9 Intro: Moez Amri Various UMP6 Morocco
Presentation Recording Impact of low and mid-density markers genotyping on CIMMYT’s tropical maize breeding Manje Gowda, Sudha Nair, XueCai Zhang Maize CIMMYT Kenya, India, Mexico
10 3rd Week of February 2024 15th Seminar 10 Godfrey Asea Various NARO/NACRII Uganda
Presentation Recording Development and validation of KASP markers associated with cooking time and canning quality traits in Common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) Eunice Kesiime Common bean NACRII Uganda
11 5th Week of February 2024 29th Seminar 11 Jurandir Magalhaes Sorghum EMBRAPA Brazil
Presentation Recording Introgression of QTLs for Drought Tolerance into Farmers’ Preferred Sorghum Varieties Andekelile Mwamahonje Sorghum TARI Tanzania
12 3rd Week of March 2024 14th Seminar 12 Kelly Eversole Wheat Eversole Ass. USA
Presentation Recording Integration of the CGIAR consolidated genotyping services into the CIMMYT Global Wheat Program Susanne Dreisigacker






13 1st Week of April 2024 11th Seminar 13 Vijaya Chaikam Maize CIMMYT Kenya
Presentation Recording Genetic diversity and identification of QTLs for low Nitrogen tolerance in doubled haploid maize lines through mid-density genotyping Georgina Ehemba Maize ISRA Senegal
14 3rd Week of April 2024 18th Seminar 14 David De Koeyer Potato AAFC Canada
Presentation Recording Sweet Potato Low and mid-density panels: Practical Implications on Breeding in Africa Reuben Ssali & Goodwill Makunde Sweet potato CIP Uganda/MZ
15 2nd Week of May 2024 9th Seminar 15 Rodomiro Ortiz Various SLU Sweden
Presentation Recording Implementation of EiB mid-density genotyping for unlocking the genetic diversity of an Argentinean public temperate maize collection Maria L. Federico Maize CONICET-INTA Argentina



# Timing


Date Title Presenters & Speakers Crop(s) Institute Country
0 2nd week of August


  10th Overall Introduction Eng Hwa    CIMMYT   
1 2nd week of August 10th Seminar 1


Intro: Hugo Campos  Potato/ Sweetpotato  CIP  Peru 
Presentation Using KASP markers for QC in potato and sweet potato, lessons learned and perspectives


Kante Moctar

Guilherme da Silva

Potato/ Sweetpotato CIP/


Peru/ Brazil
2 4th week of August 24th  Seminar 2  Intro: Robert Asiedu  Yam  IITA  Nigeria 


Harnessing the potential of highly informative KASP and middle density SNP markers panel for yam breeding


Agre Paterne Yam IITA Nigeria
3 1st week of September 7th 


Seminar 3  Intro: Joaquim Mutaliano Sorghum  IIAM Mozambique 
Presentation Understanding drought tolerance and validating Stay-green KASP markers in sorghum


Damaris Odeny Sorghum ICRISAT Kenya
4 3rd week of September  21st  Seminar 4  Intro: Melaku Gedil Maize  IITA  Nigeria 
Presentation Genetic and morphological characterization of maize landraces for heat tolerance


Charles Nelimor Maize CSRI Ghana
5 1st Week of October  5th  Seminar 5  Intro: Lennin Musundire Various CIMMYT Kenya
Presentation Accelerating Genetic Gains through Genomics-Led Breeding in Potato


Salej Sood Potato ICAR India
6 3rd week of October 19th  Seminar 6  Intro: Timothy Close  Cowpea UC Riverside  USA 
Presentation Usage of cowpea low and mid-density panels


Patrick Ongom Cowpea IITA Nigeria
7 2st Week of November  9th 


Seminar 7  Intro: Claudia Teixeira  Maize  EMBRAPA  Brazil 
Presentation Advances in breeding climate-resilient maize varieties for West Africa and Central Africa a review of current tools available to plant breeders


Gloria Adu Maize CSRI Ghana
8 2nd week of December  12th  Seminar 9  Intro: Allan Brown  Musa IITA  Tanzania 
Presentation KASP markers for efficiency in Musa improvement Brigitte Uwimana Banana/plantain IITA Uganda