CGIAR @ the 2023 Borlaug Dialogue

Harnessing change to ensure the future of global food and agriculture

  • Date
    24.10.23 > 26.10.23
  • Time
    07:00 am > 08:30 pm UTC-05:00
  • Location
    Des Moines, Iowa, United States of America
  • Registration

The 2023 Norman E. Borlaug International Dialogue will be hosted by the World Food Prize Foundation and the Global Youth Institute on October 24-26 in Des Moines, Iowa, and it will be a hybrid event.

The yearly “Borlaug Dialogue” brings together individuals from more than 65 countries to address cutting-edge issues related to global food security and nutrition. This year’s theme is “Harnessing Change.” The focus will be on enhancing food quality, quantity, and accessibility.

The event will honor Dr. Norman Borlaug’s legacy and celebrate those driving positive change in global food and agriculture, including World Food Prize Laureates and Borlaug Field Award recipients.

CGIAR System Board Chair, Dr. Lindiwe Majele Sibanda, will be part of the highlighted speakers for this years’ conference.





CGIAR participation

October 24 14:50 – 15:00 Main Stage
Borlaug Field Award Presentation
  • Swati Nayak, IRRI
October 24 15:00 – 15:45 Main Stage – Hybrid
MasAgro – Taking it to the Farmer: A success story of small-scale food systems transformation in Mexico and beyond

This panel discusses CIMMYT’s implementation of MasAgro, farmer testimonials from Mexico and Africa, and support from Mexico’s Agriculture Secretary and the U.S. Special Representative for Global Food Security on project’s expansion and impact.

  • Bram Govaerts, CIMMYT
  • Lindiwe Majele Sibanda, CGIAR
October 25 09:00 – 09:40 Main Stage A Vision for Harnessing Change
This session explores innovative strategies to adapt to global transformations. Experts discuss multidisciplinary approaches to address challenges in food security, agriculture, and climate change, aiming to shape a resilient and sustainable future for all.
  • Lindiwe Majele Sibanda, CGIAR
October 25 15:14 – 16:15 Main Stage Global Youth Institute Panel on Resilience

Young leaders converge to discuss strategies for enhancing global resilience. Topics include innovative solutions to climate change, sustainable development, and overcoming challenges in various sectors to build a resilient future.

  • Lindiwe Majele Sibanda, CGIAR
  • Mahalingam Govindaraj, HarvestPlus
October 25 18:00 – 20:00 Room 315 Regenerating Hope: The promise of soil restoration at scale in Central America and Africa

Side Event hosted by Catholic Relief Services. CRS works globally to end poverty, hunger and preventable disease, and to cultivate just and peaceful societies through programming that promotes regenerative agriculture, nutrition, market systems development, and resilience.

  • Marcela Quintero, Alliance Bioversity & CIAT
October 26 11:50 – 12:50 Room 309-310 Breakout Session: Food System Repercussions of the Russia-Ukraine War

This session will analyze the Ukraine conflict’s impact on global food and nutrition security, particularly in low-income countries. It explores current challenges, systemic resilience, and recovery amidst ongoing hostilities and market disruptions. It will be supported by international insights.

  • Lindiwe Majele Sibanda, CGIAR
  • Joe Glauber, IFPRI
  • Dina Esposito, USAID
October 26 14:25 – 15:25 Room 307-318 CGIAR Latin American Session: “Maximizing Latin America and the Caribbean´s Contributions to Global Agriculture and Biodiversity Solutions”

This session focuses on amplifying Latin America and the Caribbean’s role in global agriculture and biodiversity solutions. It delves into regional innovations, contributions, and collaborative efforts to enhance sustainable agricultural practices and biodiversity conservation worldwide.

  • Joaquin Lozano, CGIAR
  • Bram Govaerts, CIMMYT


Header photo by Georgina Smith / CIAT