CGIAR @ OPEC Fund Climate Solutions Week

Empowering climate action by innovating together for a sustainable tomorrow

  • Date
    22.04.24 > 26.04.24
  • Time
    02:45 pm > 03:45 pm UTC+01:00
  • Location
    Vienna, Austria

The OPEC Fund Climate Solutions Week 2024, set to take place from 22–26 April, 2024 in Vienna, Austria, at the OPEC Fund for International Development.

This pivotal event marks a significant step towards addressing the urgent need for climate action and sustainability across the globe.

The Climate Solutions Week

Under the OPEC Fund for International Development’s guidance, Climate Solutions Week 2024 stands as a beacon for mobilizing innovative climate solutions and partnerships across varied sectors. This event is designed as a collaborative platform for sharing insights and jointly advancing the climate agenda, focusing on the synergy of finance, technology, policy, and social innovation to spark impactful climate action.

The program highlights the collective journey towards sustainable, resilient economies, encouraging a unified approach among policymakers, industry, and communities. It not only showcases the OPEC Fund’s contributions to climate finance but also aims to reinforce future support and foster networks for sharing knowledge and collaborating on climate change mitigation and adaptation.

CGIAR Participation

At the “Food Security and Adaptation (ASAP+)” session on April 23, 2024, from 14:45 to 15:45 CGIAR’s Director, Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Impact Action Platform, Aditi Mukherji will highlight IFAD’s ASAP+ program efforts in channeling climate finance to small-scale producers. Her talk will emphasize the critical role of these producers in ensuring global food security and the importance of supporting their resilience against climate change.

Header image: Scenes from the municipal market in Tucuru, Guatemala. Ryan Brown/UN Woman