CGIAR @ DialogueNEXT 2024

Seeds of strength: Nurturing farmer resilience

  • Time
    12:00 am > 12:00 am UTC-06:00
  • Location
    Texcoco, Mexico

The World Food Prize Foundation and CIMMYT will host “DialogueNEXT – Seeds of Strenght: Nurturing Farmer Resilience” on July 10–11, 2024, in Texococo, Mexico.

This event honors Dr. Norman Borlaug and celebrates 80 years of the Office of Special Studies, focusing on food security amidst a growing global population.

About the event

The forum aims to inspire global food security leaders by drawing on Borlaug’s legacy to tackle contemporary agricultural challenges.

The forum will bring together public, private, and non-profit stakeholders to discuss actionable strategies for enhancing farmer resilience and ensuring food security for a growing global population. Participants will explore ways to improve farmer livelihoods and promote peace through agriculture.

The discussions will also set the stage for the Norman E. Borlaug International Dialogue, held in Des Moines, Iowa, from October 29 to 31, 2024.

CGIAR participation

Event Title CGIAR Participation
09:15 am – 09:25 am Opening remarks
  • Bram Govaerts, CIMMYT
01:20 pm – 01:40 pm
Celebrating Dr. Borlaug: Reflections and Shared Memories
  • Elsa Murano, CIMMYT
02:40 pm – 03:15 pm From Research to Impact: Climate Action Strategies in Agriculture
  • Aditi Mukherji, CGIAR
  • Swati Nayak, IRRI
03:35 pm – 04:10 pm
Cultivating Innovation in Agriculture
  • Khuloud Odeh, CGIAR
04:10 pm – 04:20 Recorded remarks
  • Lindiwe Sibanda, CGIAR
06:45 pm – 09:00 pm
Dr. Norman Borlaug Recognition for Food Security and Dinner
  • Bram Govaerts, CIMMYT

09:50 am – 09:55 am
Keynote remarks
  • Ismahane Elouafi, CGIAR
09:55 am – 10:20 am Transforming agrifood systems for nourishing all people
  • Shakuntala Thilste, CGIAR
  • Ismahane Elouafi, CGIAR
  • Baboucarr Manneh, AfricaRice
  • Yvonne Pinto, IRRI
10:45 am – 10:55 am
The Wallace Way: Honoring the Past, Building the Future
  • Molly Jahn, CIMMYT
11:00 am – 11:10 am
CIMMYT: The Journey Forward
  • Bram Govaerts, CIMMYT
11:10 am – 11:50 am
CIMMYT Unveiled: Harvesting Impact
  • Sarah Hearne, CIMMYT
  • Kevin Pixley, CIMMYT
  • B.M. Prasanna, CIMMYT
  • Sieglinde Snapp, CIMMYT
11:50 am – 12:00 pm
Take it to the farmer 
  • Bram Govaerts, CIMMYT

Header photo: Farmer with maize. Photo by C. de Bode/CGIAR