CGIAR, CMARN and MMUST Partner to Unleash African Research Potential for Climate Resilience and Human Mobility

  • Date
    24.06.24 > 30.06.24
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    06:00 am > 09:30 pm UTC+01:00
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We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Africa Climate Mobility Academy 2024, an initiative aimed at enhancing the quality of locally relevant research that addresses the nexus of climate change, human mobility, and peace in Africa. This program is a collaboration between CGIAR Climate Security, Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST), and the Climate and Migration Network (CMARN), under the Climate, Peace, and Displacement (CPD) Partnership of the CGIAR Initiative on Fragility, Conflict and Migration. 
About the Africa Climate Mobility Academy 2024! 

The Africa Climate Mobility Academy 2024 is dedicated to fostering high-quality research on climate, peace, and mobility in Africa. It will feature an in-person writing workshop, an intensive mentorship and guidance program, and provide small research grants to participants. 

The Academy aims to address the geographical imbalance in global climate research by emphasizing African perspectives. Our goal is to develop locally relevant research that can inform policies and practices on climate resilience and human mobility. 

Key Objectives: 

  • Support Local Research: Develop and support research initiatives that are directly relevant to local needs. 

  • Foster Exchange and Mentorship: Create platforms for knowledge exchange among students, early career, and senior researchers. 

  • Provide Financial Support: Offer small grants for write-shops, conferences, and publications. 

Join Us 

Be a part of a transformative journey that elevates African research and informs global climate policies. Submit your application and contribute to impactful, locally-driven climate solutions. 

For more details, visit CMARN. 

Together, let’s shape a resilient future for Africa.