CGIAR @ 2021 Norman E. Borlaug International Dialogue

CGIAR scientists have won both the World Food Prize and the Borlaug Field Award this year.

  • Date
    20.10.21 > 22.10.21
  • Time
    12:00 am
  • Registration

Often referred to as the “Nobel Prize for food and agriculture,” the World Food Prize is the most prominent global award recognizing an individual who has enhanced human development and confronted global hunger by improving the quality, quantity, and availability of food for all.

This year’s event, taking place on Oct. 20-22,  is a unique opportunity to showcase CGIAR’s close and longstanding relationship with the World Food Prize and to celebrate as CGIAR researchers have won both the World Food Prize and the Norman Borlaug Field Award. Dr. Shakuntala Thilsted, a CGIAR scientist and nutrition expert from WorldFish, was named the 2021 World Food Prize laureate for her pioneering scientific work on nutrition, fish, and aquatic food systems. Dr. Elliott Dossou-Yovo, a CGIAR scientist and climate-change specialist from the Africa Rice Center, is the recipient of the 2021 Norman Borlaug Field Award, recognized for spearheading innovative water management systems for resilient rice production in the face of climate change.  

In recognition of this year’s theme: Gaining Momentum: Food Systems Transformation in the Decade of Action, CGIAR will participate in the following ways: 

  • CGIAR representation on four high-level roundtable sessions:
    • 20 Oct – Research and Innovation Roundtable (Claudia Sadoff)
    • 21 Oct – Nutrition Roundtable (Shakuntala Thilsted)
    • 21 Oct – Gender Equity and Equitable Livelihoods Roundtable (Gareth Johnstone and Jemimah Njuki)
    • 22 Oct – International Cooperation Roundtable (Kundhavi Kadiresan)
  • CGIAR 50th Anniversary Celebration 

The 2021 Borlaug Dialogue will take place in a hybrid format. Participants will connect through a dynamic virtual platform. Additionally, the Dialogue will offer limited in-person opportunities through an early registration process, in accordance with travel and public health provisions anticipated for later in 2021.