Book Launch: Gender and Agriculture Handbook

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This event is part of the launch of the Gender and Agriculture Handbook, uncovering gender dimensions concerning agricultural policies, gendered access to resources, women’s decision making opportunities, agrarian transformations owing to climate change and so much more. 

Date: Wednesday, 3 December 2020

Time: 23:00 PM – 00:00 AM (UTC+8)

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In this handbook, WorldFish’s Gender Research Leader, Cynthia McDougall, Post Doctoral Fellow, Surendran Rajaratnam, and Food Security and Nutrition consultant at FAO, Molly Ahearn, contributed to the chapter “Gender and the political economy of fish agri-food systems in the global South” that brings together insights from current literature on small-scale and commercial fisheries and aquaculture to surface the experiences, opportunities, and challenges for women and men in the Global South. 

In the chapter “Empowering women through farmer field schools,” Research Fellow (Senior Gender Specialist), Afrina Choudhury, and Assistant Research Professor at the College of Agricultural Sciences’ International Development Programs at Penn State, Paige Castellanos, discussed the intrahousehold gender-stereotyped roles that restrict women’s decision-making capacity and burden women with the bulk of caretaking responsibilities and the agroecological approach to achieve more equitable outcomes. 

Join authors Molly Ahearn and Paige Castellanos during the book launch as they will discuss their chapters from the gender and political economy lens, enabling the identification of patterns of social, political and economic trends, outcomes, and factors within and across the sectors to encourage gender equity in agriculture practices.

Check out the the Gender and Agriculture Handbook and the the chapter “Gender and the political economy of fish agri-food systems in the global South” by WorldFish’s Cynthia McDougall,  Surendran Rajaratnam and FAO’s Molly Ahearn as well as the chapterEmpowering women through farmer field schools” by WorldFish’s Afrina Choudhury.

We look forward to your active participation.