7th CGIAR System Council Meeting

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    Seattle, United States of America

The 7th meeting of the CGIAR System Council took place on 15 and 16 November 2018, hosted by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in Seattle, USA.

Documents to be downloaded

Logistics information Overview of events during the week
Main resource for SC7 (Business Plan 2019 – 2021)

System Council Day 1
Thursday 15 November 2018, 09:00 – 17:30

1 Opening of 7th System Council Meeting a. Welcome

b. Election of Co-Chair

c. Adopting the Agenda

d. Conflict of interest declarations


2 2017 Performance a. Key messages from the inaugural 2017 CGIAR Annual Performance Report

b. CGIAR Program Dashboard

c. The 2018 Performance Report

2017 CGIAR Annual Performance Report:

3 Strengthening the partnership, creating impact: CGIAR System 3-year Business Plan (2019-2021) a. Overview of the CGIAR Business Plan 2019-2021 as an overall approach to create a more efficient, focused and effective system

b. Section 1: Context, Vision and Mission

4 Implement and enhance the portfolio of CRPs and Platforms.
Business Plan Action 1
a. A look at Action 1 sub-actions and discussion of proposed strategic directions:

1.1 Successfully implement the CGIAR portfolio over the business plan period
–  Flagship on Common Bean


1.2 Elevate gender equality to a new CGIAR Research Platform
– Response from the System Management Board from SC6 Action

1.3 Deepen the portfolio through new thematic strategies and initiatives

b. 3-minute ‘Lightning Talks’ on selected strategic, forward-looking topics:

  • Antimicrobial resistance
  • Climate change
  • Crops to end hunger
  • Response preparedness
  • Biofortification




5 Recognizing the new Denmark-CGIAR antimicrobial resistance partnership a. Introduction by System Council Chair

b. Remarks from Ms. Ellen Trane Nørby, Minister of Health, Denmark

6 Create Financial Sustainability and Growth in CGIAR.
Business Plan Action 2
A look at Action 2 sub-actions:

2.1 Agree ambitious targets for funding volume and quality

2.2 Implement the 2019-2021 FinPlan

2.3 Meet minimum overhead costs

2.4 Extend reconciliation of System Council Funder seating to end-2020

b. Funders’ insights on their future funding

7 Other Business Plan Actions to consider a. Action 3: Strengthen program performance management

b. Action 4: Improve people management

System Council reception

System Council Day 2
Friday 16 November 2018, 09:15 – 18:00

8 Pursue new cross-Center alliances.
Business Plan Action 5
a. 3-minute ‘Lightning Talks’ on institutional innovations:

  • Bioversity-CIAT
  • AfricaRice-IRRI

b. A look at Action 5 sub-actions:

5.1 Attract additional funding in support of Center alliances

5.2 Explore priority shared services opportunities between Centers

9 Other Business Plan Actions to consider a. Action 6: Enhance collaboration with delivery partners

b. 3-Minute ‘Lightning Talk’: A CGIAR Rome Hub

c. Action 7: Align and enhance assurance systems

10 Align high-quality independent advisory services into System-level decision-making.
Business Plan Action 8
a. A look at Action 8 sub-actions:

8.1 Implement System Council decision on advisory services

8.2 Implement Council-agreed workplan of the Advisory Services Shared Secretariat


b. Seeking advice to guide the updating of the TOR for the System Council’s Intellectual Property Group

c. Revisiting past evaluations for SC to provide strategic direction, particularly on Partnerships, Results-Based Management, Capacity Development and Gender (SIMEC-led)



11 Strengthen collective resource mobilization and communication efforts.
Business Plan Action 9
a. A look at Action 9 sub-actions:

9.1 Develop and implement a System-wide marketing and communications strategy

9.2 Implement a System-wide resource mobilization action plan




12 Designing AR4D to address trade-offs between the SDGs Reporting back from the 2018 CGIAR Science Forum (ISPC Chair)
13 Prepare a longer-term plan.
Business Plan Action 10
a. Insights from the CGIAR System Reference Group

b. Develop a ‘2030 plan’


14 System Council decision session Confirming System Council decisions
(including proposed administrative decisions)
15 Other Business a. Are there other items to address?

b. 2019 System Council meeting dates and locations

Meeting end Closing of the meeting by the Chair