26th CGIAR System Board Meeting

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The 26th CGIAR System Board Meeting was held virtually on 11 April 2023. See agenda and meeting documents available below.


Agenda Item

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1. Opening of the 26th meeting and Agenda Document SB26-01: Agenda as adopted
• Register of interests declared
List of Decisions taken since SB25
2. Message from the Board Chair Document SB26-02 Board Chair Vision
3. Setting the scene Document SB26-03 Presentation: 2022 Results
4. 2025-2027 Portfolio Development and Proposal for a Financial Sustainability Working Group Document SB26-04 Cover Letter
Document SB26-04a 2025-2027 Proposed Plan
Document: SB26-04b Proposal for Financial Model Reference Group
5. Item removed
6. CGIAR EMD Recruitment Update  • Document SB26-05 EMD Search – Process and timetable
7. Operationalizing the CGIAR Integration Framework Agreement: Updated 2022—24 Integration Plan Document SB26-07 Cover Letter
Document SB26-07 2022-2024 Integration Plan
8. CGIAR Budget Matters
9. Unified Governance Review
10. CGIAR Matters
11. System Board Matters
12. Summarizing what will be taken from the System Board to the System Council meeting
13. Any other business
14. In Camera Session with System Board Voting Members